Friday, July 24, 2009

Some spots i have found

This thing is gnarly as fuck. You have a 12 inch gap between the curb and the rail. On the plus side the ground is smooth and the grass on the opposite side will save you should you fall OVER the rail; fall in the other direction and may god rest your neck piece.

Ha this ledge is sick, so many possibilities. i never skated it but it looks like the quintessential 3 trick security guard kick-out to fakie ledge.

These flatbars are not as high as they look in this photo; maybe knee high. Good ground - not sure about the bust factor tho.

Metal guardrail/flatbarish kinda thing. Roll up is kinda rough but not bad. No bust, store is out of business.

You may know about this one - 4 flat 4 and you can fly over the rail if you feel like gettin' busy

haha-this thing is doooppppeeee - slim bust factor

2 stair manny - the stuff at the edge of the manny is not stationary; i think it was garbage or something. Skate this after business hours or weekend to reduce bust factor.

Bank to ledge - not bad - not waxed either

Above are some spots i (D.R.) have found over the last however long on Long Island and in the 5 Boroughs. If you want to know where they are I'll tell you; just shoot us an email to - word.


Blogger Proper said...

Word, big ups on the semi- colon ;
Next on the agenda is the somthing's mission?
Pictures of obstacles with nobody in them...
Where's the ambition...
Brooklyn QUeen's Session tomorrow...
Let's do something about it!!!

August 5, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

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