Saturday, August 22, 2009

The LB fair or "My nightmare lurking on a bench"

Roma and I shamefully did the Long Beach fair today. On Firday night, forecast said 80% chance of rain, and I was awoken at 3:30 am due to loud rain and bright lightening. Those sound like terrible 80s hair bands or 2003 emo bands but whatever, whenever it's not just the thunder waking you up, shit is getting real outside.

At 6:30 Roma calls me to say "Don't leave right now, I'm not setting up in this shit." So a half hour later I leave. While experienceing otherworldy terrential downpours under crazy blue skys, my straight sailing out to Long Beach is interruped by a felled tree draped across all three lanes of the meadowbrook parkway. Miraculously, about 6 carloads of people had parked on the meadwobrook and moved that fucking asshole of a tree off the road.

At the fair, the rain actually stopped and the sun came out for a bit, and Roma and I started on a banger of a rap song, but the people stayed home for the most part. Someone asked if I was Graham. Roma at one point told someone I was Withers. The humidity plus salt water air smelled like a geriatric death. Roma avoided the sun with vampiric precision. Our mothers showed up. Roma argued with the inventor of the t-shirt.
Quote that sums everything up:
"Lets not do this next year"


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